Through the eyes of an Urbanite

Let's name the character as Leena. She is an urbanite. Let's see her life and views on present Mumbai.

Leena is lonely and stays in an affluent complex and posh apartment with her husband, who is a frequent traveller for his professional responsibilities. Being an introvert she prefers to roam around silently. She goes to malls, coffee shops, beaches and several other places where she can feel the vibes of the localites. She doesn't know to speak Marathi, but understands the language because of her maid.

One day during her visit to a cafe she met a stranger, who brought a meaning to her lifestyle. She offered her friendship, took Leena to her workplace. Got her associated to a charitable service along with a pay packet. Now Leena is happy with positive spirit, and happily running her family. Her relationship with her husband is more composed currently. Her voidness has filled with friends and work. From one friend she has developed more friends. All are not affluent, but sober, polite, and educated.

She has started enjoying rain in Mumbai. The couples. Their love. Their gesture. And their fights too. She spends a bountiful amount of time with street kids. Tries to gather their positive vibe, which is missing in an urbanite culture. But the morning she has seen the Elphine Stone Rd. Station over bridge accident, and then Kamla Mill Compound fire hazard she is in a dilemma. She thinks... 

This 2017 has been a mixed year for Mumbaikars. Some good and some bad. Good is always positive, and Mumbaikars are always generous to overcome negative incident and it takes hardly few hours to be back to the rhythm. But the accidents occurred in Elphine Stone Station over bridge, and Kamla Mill compound is not appreciable. We, common people, travel by trains bus and self-driven vehicles; Organize Birthday party in posh restaurants, pay taxes to Government and BMC, directly and indirectly. For that we expect safety and security.

Before modernization of any locality we should think about all these, we mean us, irrespective of caste and class, irrespective of political colours. Any negligence can cost loss if life. And in the morning the crying faces seen on television and newspapers are painful. She pays her heartfelt gratitude to those who helped at that crisis.

If this can occur in a posh restaurant; I swear many more accident can occur in basements of different premises and buildings if we actively doesn't show positive intention. 

God is graceful, so he will save this City I believe!

The way He saves this city through natural means (A Four month rain). Leena recalls one visit of Stephen Hawking in India and his statement - I have resolved the mystery of God, and in few days Mother Earth answered through Bhuj Earthquake. The year Leena cannot recall nor she is interested to Google to search the calendar. Seeing all these she decides to remain silent, because Mother Earth prefers silence more than anything.

The power of Mother Earth is much more than us who replies instantly. Only She can challenge any power through Her self-defense mechanism. Hope, She will forgive City Dwellers like us and bestow blessing for a peaceful 2018 to Mumbaikars.

Wish You All The Most Positive 2018 from this Blogger!!!

Now back to my favourite subject: Film Analysis

@Ali: Thanks to you for a successful "Tiger Zinda Hai". It is wonderful to have meeting with you since Gundey to Sultan. Your AD team is the best at YRF. You have the courage to make big budget movie. And I am happy that this time the movie is moving toward my predicted figure of 400 cr. This time I had seen the Trailer only! I don't have any personal relation with you, nor any expectations. Cheers for your success and victory! Let the others be happy by directing Songs!!!


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