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An Open Letter To Mr. Shahrukh Khan

In Sunday Times of India dated, 25.02.2018, have published one of your speech where you have mentioned about shorter length movies for Multiplexes having no interval. I am glad to read the Heading, but at the same time sad this is coming out of your mouth and not from any Director. Truly speaking, I have said this to lot of boys during my tenure at Yashraj Films and probably have sent a proposal to Mr. Aditya Chopra or any of our Bollywood Producers. I am searching the mail or my blog link. Moment I will get, will share with you.

During the time of "Fan", I had shared few things with Akshaye Widhani and his Studio Manager, but they failed to implement all except YFX due to their limited intelligence. Rest of the things are definitely coming in the long run in Indian Cinema.

Now, I would like to thank you for supporting my Idea of shorter length movies having no interval. I have also said several things which I believe will come out through your Voice.

Giving the Scientific logi…

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