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My meeting with YRF Studios VP

Today I am again forced to mention few things about Yashraj Films and their sister concern YRF. Studios.


I had been associated to YRF Studios till 2017 March. And I quit because of a conflict between Him and me. Also with Yashraj Films Executive Producer Aashish Singh. The reasons are as follows:

1. Mr. Akshaye Widhani, who is in relation with Mr. Rana Kapoor of Yes Bank, had maintained a bank account in the name of YRF Television till 2017 March. Though YRF Television was stopped on 2011.

2. Mr. Akshaye Widhani with the help of his subordinate Mr. Santosh Gaikoad sends bribe to BMC Officers to maintain the irregularities he is doing at the basement. The place is filled with inflammable properties and they have created immovable structures over there.

3. During the time of Befikre they bought 30 hard drives, costing around 8 lacs, but not even bothered to pay duty for that. The drives were carried by Mr. Neil Sadwelkar. Mr. Akshaye Wid…

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