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Om Gym Gymaya Namaha:

College auditorium. On the dias Shrushti is on an extempore speech. She is delivering boldly like a feminist.  The debate is in the full swing.  A college debate. The banner behind the dias is "Mind or Physic". All are aware that her rival is Dhruv. Shrishti is not an angel, but her look is positive vibrant and attractive.

Dhruv comes on the dias and attacks - it is obvious to look at my friend, who is gorgeous and glamorous. There is no harm in it. I admire her sex appeal.

Claps are on... Shrushti's face become red and she gradually walks away. Though she had taken the revenge after few days in a park which is a separate chapter.

After several years they are married to each other. Now Dhruv is an Economics professor and Shrishti is a school teacher in an eminent school. They don't have any kid and for that they don't have any regret or any relational glitch. Even they haven't even visited any Fertility specialist.

But Shrushti is now bit confused because they don't have any physical intimacy in last six months. In school, her colleague Leela talks everything about their sex life openly. And her pulse rate increases proportionately. She said to her on that day - Good sex life increases vitality! I know you enjoy a lot in bed. You don't have anyone at home to restrict! Once my son saw and asked me - what were you doing at night? My face redenned and somehow managed. Now we go to the guest room to ...

Shrushti replies dryly - We don't have any sex life for several months.

What! Reacts Leela.
Do you check his mails? Phone calls? Message box?

Shrushti nods her head hesitatingly.

Leela whispers on her ear... There are so many sweet young girls in the University! What if he falls in love...

Shrushti replies - No he is not like that.

Leela answers - Why? Is he Shankar Bhagwan? Do one thing. Provoke him tonight.

At night Shrushti applies all her potential, but Dhruv negates everything by saying tomorrow is an important lecture.

Next day Shrushti drops in at the school with a morose look. And Leela measures her. She points out her fatty tummy and curby shape. Which is normal for a mid 30 Indian lady. Though Leela has a maintained a sharp figure.

After school hours Leela drags her to a gym nearby and the way she talks in front of the gym instructor about Shrushti's shape is really shameless. The gym instructor is smiling. He is throwing a sneaky look at her body. And Shrushti is trying to hide her face.

After few weeks what happens is a million dollar question. And how she brought back Kam Deva in their life is a subject to portray.

Only to portray the end, I am providing a hint - Shrushti is coming out of the school. She notices the bike of the gym instructor and silently whispers - Om Gym Gymaya Namaha:

Inverse Proportion

This Movie starts with a Bengali band song:

Chotto pisi khachhe sishi
Kathberali korche Hisi
Kathgolate lomba line
Park-street-ete korlo fine
Icchhegulo gache pake
Kendrabindu maa ke dake
Ar ektu Gaaààn...

Chotto - Youngest, Pisi - aunt
Khachhe - eating, sishi- bottle
Kathberali - Squirrel, Hisi- Urine
Lomba - long, icchhegulo - wishes

This is the story of a band group "Kendrabindu" and the lead singer Chandrashish's life. His marriage, his girlfriend, and his associates. 

They are strugglers, and his girlfriend weaves several dreams about their marriage, their honeymoon and other events vig. today in California, tomorrow in LA, and day after NY etc. etc. The more they are approaching toward their goal, the more changeover reveals in her everything.

For the first time their song is hit. I mean super hit. In the inlay Chandrashish, the lead singer, name and number was given. so since morning he is on a series of phone calls. And the lead singer Chandrashish has diverted his calls to Anand cell phone. Anand's wife is Shree, who has changed her name as Anandi to convey the flavour of a perfect blend of marketing.  At some point of time Anandi calls and says - Dear around 150 sweet young girl called you!

Chandra pauses a bit. 150! He is not able to handle one! Damini.

After few weeks...

Since morning Chandra is on bed because of a hairline fracture on his ankle, and his fans are on continuous call because this info has got leaked by a newspaper.

He has called Damini to handle the situation, and she is politely refusing all by saying - Hi.. Chandraa is not well.. I am his wife speaking.

Chandraa is astonished by hearing this. Whenever he has asked to get married, Damini politely denied and spoke about her big dreams. 

An electrifying plan comes into his mind - let's get married today!
He notices her dress, gradually shortening. A flash comes into his mind - success and clothes in glamour world are inversely proportional!

He calls his mother by shouting - Maa..
His mom hurriedly enters. Her child, lost his dad in early age. Chandra orders to call his friend Volta(nick name), who resides just opposite to their flat. Chandra's langotia yaar. He is short height, stout, and steady with an ice-cool brain.

He arrives and Chandra declares - I want to get married today!
Volta gets astonished, and Damini stares at Chandra. With a pause Volta replies - but I need time to organize everything. At least need a marriage registrar. Chandra quickly replies - Money speaks...

Again Chandra raises his voice - Could you? Today Damini has said I am her husband. So today is the right time.

Volta, Chandra's mother, and Damini all tries to make him understand about the problems, but Chandra as usually rigid to his decision.

And the movie ends with their Suhagrat on the same night where he realizes at midnight seeing his sleeping beauty - they are hit because both of them have now become bare! Without clothes. So the album is Superhit!!

Vondu, a young man who has crossed 30, still is not able to figure out his profession. He always thinks big, but never applies his brain to achieve anything. In the morning he reads newspapers and in today's newspaper he notices an advertisement, Purut(priest) Needed. Name of the website
In a minute he decides his plan of action. He will be a purut, a priest. This will help him to go US. His dream country!
He decides to visit an office, Transcare, who knows about the process of paper work for US travel. There she meets a receptionist, a thin and lean beauty queen. She explains in detail and Vondu comes back with all info. of expenses and pros and cons of the process. Now he is a passport & visa specialist too!
Next day morning Vondu plans to meet one and only Haruda, a stammering experienced priest.
Sitting on the sofa Vondu explains everything to Haruda. With a pragmatic nod of his head he declares - So work with me as a trainee priest for few months. Durga Puja is nearby. We will go to a zamindar bari(house). You be with me. From tomorrow come early. Then you can become a priest, and he extends his leg and Vondu starts his action...
Early morning, he arrives to Haruda's home, receives a warm welcome from his wife. Through her gesture bhabi ji conveys her happiness, which is seldomly visible for Vondu. Vondu enjoys everything. While having lunch at Haruda's home, Vondu receives a bigger piece of fish. Now he is the hero to her bhabi for US trip...
In few days he behaves like a priest. His clothes have changed. Even his hair style. Then the time arrives when they visit the zamindar bari for Durga puja.
Returning from there, they all engages themselves in grooming classes of Transcare. Finally the date arrives of their departure. Bhabi has changed her look with a jeans and a top. Haruda with a suit. And Vondu as usually in the same uniform of a priest!

After Swaraswati Puja(Basant Panchami) Haruda and Bhabi returned, but Vondu fixes to stay in US. Ten years later Vondu returned with a look of Akshaye Kumar, weaving his hand. Now he is a millionaire purohit (priest)!!


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