Thugs Of Hindustan

For the last few days the country is annihilated by another fraudulence. First Mr. Vijay Malya, next FERA issue of Lalit Modi, and now Nirab Modi. I think this is the time of Modi surname. Our Prime minister is building images globally, and these Modi's along with Mr. Malia is destroying us economically and financially.

As usually politicians have started their game to find holes in the system and to prove whose fault is this!

Let me clear a point - A business could have been started in 1950, a loan can be taken on 1990, which has nothing to do with political colour. If the business house organises loan through other means and beyond the normal rule then liability lies on the Banker. A politician can refer, but Banker should do his duty with discipline.

We know to build a nation Industries are needed. But these Diamond businesses and glamour businesses class are not to build a nation. Mostly trading background business classes are usually put themselves into these business.

After watching all these I can say Mr. Subrata Roy of Sahara Group is a fool who remained in jail for more than a YEAR!!

I think to build a nation we need passionate business class with brain who wouldn't love to cheat the NATION.

Bankers... Have you ever thought if all of us start saying - Stop repaying Home Loans till you are able to bring these Thug's money back!!!

*** Please note this has nothing to do with Victor's upcoming movie "Thugs Of Hindustan".

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