Hichki Trailer Review


Sorry to say, I cannot pretend while writing a movie review. After watching this I felt sad from the POV of a teacher. They are the constructors of our kids. They are considered as second guide in our life. We all know a teacher can be a bad presenter, but next to impossible to be counted as bad human being.

Now coming to the next part... As usually, Mohit, the promo editor has generated visual jerk which is not suitable for human eye and nervous system. Any neurologist can explain this to him. This movie is based on
a neural disorder, so writing this line.

Visual is good. And not willing to judge the Director Sidharth Malhota after watching Mere Pyare Bindu. God bless him!!!

For Rani, I have seen your "Black" before getting attached to YRF. You are not the best actress, but bold actress. The person who has worked with Sanjay Leela Bhanshali, she should be choosy about Directors.

I am forced to say this because I love you as an actress, and if Adi wouldn't have married you, I would have PROPOSED YOU.

Before you Sharukh Khan had made the same mistake by choosing Maneesh Sharma as Director in "Fan", and this time you have made the same mistake by choosing him as the Producer. 

Now, teachers might object to release this movie through Censor Board.


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