An open letter to Twinkle Khanna

For the last few days my son is constantly poking me to watch "Padman". It has been spreading through marketing gimic by few of your friends like Aamir Khan and several other film personalities. It has become a trend to pick up a social content which is ambiguous and to fetch money out of it. Someone is standing with a pad and pictures are posted in social and print medias to spread awareness. Like way "Satyameva Jayate" series had popularized Aamir only through his artificial body language, others have dropped in the same game. I am aware that he uses a Car that costs nothing less than a crore and on the contrary Mr. Amitabh Bachchan uses a car costs 35 lac.

Now directly coming to the point... I would like to watch my son by sitting beside how do you teach menstrual cycle to my 7-year old kid. I will be happy if you can do that. Baby delivery or menstrual cycles are exclusively private and disclosing these to a kid is pathetic. My son is insisting because the name resembles to popular names viz. Batman, Spiderman. This is what I have understood.

In the name of publicity for Mr. Modi's campaign someone made "Toilet Ek Prem Katha", which was a subtle way to bring money. The person who actually made this initiative was different, and the way you are trying supersede "Padmaavat" is a separate story. Though this movie is not going to bring more than 60 cr. nett.

In India, where in villages and cities people are starvated and fight for life is much harder, this U/A certificate is not justified. You might feel bad but this pseudo-feminism doesn't stand on its own feet. I have deeper respect for your write-ups but on-screen display through visual and sound is more powerful tool to attack civilians.

Yesterday a well-known figure in & from the Industry told me to become critic and to stay out of conflict, but honesty is the key note for a critic. So trying to become honest with my judgment. I have no personal animosity with you nor with Aamir Khan, rather I should accept that deeper respect for your qualities except few pretentious jestures of Aamir Khan. May be you have made this "Padman" with a belief which forced me to write this blog with another belief. This is sad enough for me.

After a journey from a remotest village and observing a lot of affluence of others I can say - Stay healthy with your regular menstrual cycle!

As I have stopped watching movie by paying money, I cannot write on the movie, but definitely going to spend few words on the trailer. I am not as soft as Anupama Chopra, so I  write in this fashion. While writing I don't think to make anyone happy and on this I have followed the same.

After watching the trailer my comment goes in favour of Director of Photography, Sound Designer, Promo Editor, and Production team. Akshaye Kumar is as usually overenthusiastic, which is quite natural because of his background. Hoping the Director have presented well like his other ventures. Not happy with Production Designer. Radhika Apte is always good irrespective of her physical appeal. Wish you all best of luck, though my prediction is 60 cr. Nett. I know for these Directors Money doesn't matter, still...


Note: My objective is not the Movie, but marketing Gimic.


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