Love & Life

Visual presentation of two thoughts inspired by two poem...

Visual Presentation: Love

On a moonlit midnight a globetrotter, lying on a tent travelling around; dreaming of a cottage, paddy field, and wildness of a forest in an island. Fancies on her present, past and future; sweet dreams. Cherishes the voice of Crickets. Low-lit Oil lamps. Enthralls by the echo of silent breath. Talking to each other and fondling with her stole.

Infatuates her boyhood love. Eleviates in joy. The faded memories are still alive. Bold but beautiful! 

Spirit whispers with fear, joy and in solitude of a sweet note - I love you!

And the poet writes this poem!


Visual Presentation: Life

A kid inside a garden elate in joy, beholding every leaf and jumping on snow-flakes.

In reply, the youngest tree saying make me like you that touches all without distinction...

Let me nurture my realm to be in shape exactly into being.

Boy smiles and answers - The way "I" travel out, collect food for life within! Gather snow-flakes! Do that.

A cool breeze whispers - My dear little friend the love of a dew is flawless and bountiful in nature. In drought and heat a small drop of dew brings hope of water!

Water passes by in silence. Dancing out and in off the mother earth; sweet and salt. Spreads life reluctantly.

And the poet spreads her wings like a 'leaf of life' with white buds in the desert.


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