A Fool's Journey

  Let them call me fool,
  let the demon surround me,
  ‎let there be darkness, still
  ‎I’ll keep my faith on …
  ‎And in gentility would pray -
  ‎let there be You too …

Sitting on a bench of a nearby park an old man was reading these lines on his iPad.  He is in his sixties, retired but mentally and physically fit.  Stays with his son.  He is thinking about these lines, and a cute young lady joins him.  She sneaks at his grandda’s Tab and starts questioning ...

Young Lady: Da, What do you reading?

The old man smiled at her, and replied - A poetry that belongs to my life.

Young Lady: Da, You always say something, which I do not understand.

Da: Well let me explain, and he smiled at her, asks her to sit, and politely answered - Yes, at some point of time people might call you a fool, but in gentility you can recall - let there be You too.

Young Lady: But who is this You?

Da: This You is everything and everyone.

Young Lady: Da, it is going beyond my intelligence.

Da: Well, let me share you a wonderful story ...

A long back, a man was trying to clear a hurdle, and failing each time.  And as a byproduct of failure, receiving all sort of hatred; silent and violent, from every nook and corner; from close and extended families, and confidence went on a toss.  Gradually, he was loosing his hope of crossing that barrier.  The degree of frustrations were at the height of infinite.  Keeping these in heart, his life and he, had been running on a jerky bouncy road.

One fine evening he had a hot conversation with his friend, and an hour later he was on the road again, walking and passing by a church.  A silent emotion brimmed in his heart, and he muttered at the condition. In few days he felt out of sorrow, grief, grumble.  And an year later he was out of all hurdle!  His first mystical experience!

It didn’t benefit him in material world, but changed his mind, intellect, and consciousness.  He started believing unconsciously on the supreme energy — The science, the consciousness, the conscience.

Young Lady: But Da, how did he come to a conclusion that prayer helped him to clear the hurdle?

Da laughs and says that is a different reality. Before that I would like to explain you the meaning of Science, Conscience, and Consciousness.

Young Lady: I know the meaning of science!  Da I am in eleventh standard.  I am not a kid.

Da smiled again.  He said, “Have you noticed a newborn baby do not have focus initially.  He cannot recognise fixed object, except moving images.  To him it is always blurred.  Because, he learns to focus after few weeks, and the other side explains mind develops after few weeks.”

The young lady listens silently, and Da expresses relentlessly - Let me first tell you the meaning of Science, conscience, and consciousness.  It is as follows: 

Science:  Knowledge of External Facts, which leads us to gather external reality through our mind, intellect, and senses.  It is an acquired knowledge to step into the world of inner reality or truth.

Conscience:  Concentric Awareness, which is within.  It is just beyond Science.  Truly, when all our mind and intellect with the help of senses dips within to reach to the Truth.

Consciousness:  Constant Awareness of Light and Dark; Light means Visible and Dark symbolises Invisible.  In this state you are Aware of Truth is hidden in All Visible and Invisible states.

Young Lady: Then what is Intuition?

Da: The outcome of these three. The fourth reality! Truth beyond logic.

Young Lady: But Da, what has to do with this poem?  Is it going to remind you there is God!  If He is here then what about religion?  So many conflicts….

Da smiled again, his words are flowing like a bliss. He strokes his hand to her hair, and replies, “A few days back words had flown through my pen:  Exceeding mind leads us to intellect.  Exceeding intellect leads us to chitta(life force).  Exceeding chitta leads us to Ahamkar(Ego Internal), where we realise I and He are same.  Existing together.  In harmony.”

Young Lady: Da it is still confusing.  You always say something, but meaning is different.

Da: Smilingly…. With the course of time I leaned toward the Supreme Spirit.  Nurtured and taught by Him subtly His language. Met numerous spirits, and experienced and enlightened through their wisdom.  Emotions swung like a pendulum during turbulence. Happiness and sadness kissed heartily. In early days any bad exposure impacted my life for few days, sometime months and years. Now it doesn’t influence for a moment, rather more precisely, no negative drops into my path.  The gift of God in the name of bliss. 

Young Lady: But why?

Da: God dwells inside the world of fool with love in full. I have not achieved a lot, materially.  Neither own a house, nor a car, nor even spiritually enlarged, but I have received His bliss.  The greatest achievement in a fools journey.

They smiles at each other, and gets up from the bench to vacate and have another fool’s conversation in other time and space.


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