Digital Age - 1

Today's Generation

The growth of a nation depends on several factors, but the importance of D’s we cannot ignore are -

*    Decentralization
*    Digital
In any country roads, carrier, money and communication system are important factors. To keep any nation healthy we need to concentrate on smooth operation of all these factors so that we can avoid any kind of cancer formation with adequate money flow in even small villages. This is how the villages can become healthy and wealthy.
The health of a nation is vital for development and growth. This growth is a subtle element that reflects on the face of a person standing in the queue end. His financial condition, his education, home, and health speaks everything.
In this gradual process, Infrastructure to health, and agriculture to industry decentralization plays an active role. Ignoring any single section can lead us to the path of failurity. Every nook and corner should be facilitated through infrastructure. Hospital and schools should be made available to all. Balance between agriculture and industry should sustain, and at the same time we should cater services to the deprived.
The poorest labour working under a farmer should be covered under some basic facilities - medical, home, education, finance, roads, sports etc. His kids should get equal opportunities as the rich and educated class in a village. Even a village boy should have equal facilities to compete with an urbanite. This we can consider as the power of Decentralization.
The power of decentralization is already reflecting in our society. The reflections are as follows:
*     A rich man’s game cricket has become common man’s game a long back. Decentralization followed through Television.
*     A set of industrialists and traders have emerged in India from middle-class background in 90’s. Decentralization followed through liberalization policy.
*     The film fraternity has changed a lot. A new set of directors, actors, and technicians from small towns have arrived into the industry and displaying their calibre. Decentralisation followed through Digital technology.
*     Young India’s attitude has changed. The submissive quality of educated middle-class has vanished. Now they want success and they are ready to fight for it. Decentralization followed through communication system.
The fact we need to admit that the market is open to all and the dreamers are moving ahead. The decentralization is a natural effect of any new communication tool. Cricket spread because television eventually entered into the bedroom, which too was a natural impact of new communication medium at that point of time. It is an irreversible process. We cannot stop the flow. Even the corporate people have realized gradually that their growth story may last only if the last man in a remotest village become healthy. The attitude to serve the society with dedication and devotion can help the country and countrymen grow. The result of this realization gets reflected in several corporate based social services and philanthropies. Finally, credit goes to dedication, devotion, and decisiveness.
Nowadays, political party’s spokespersons are participating in television channel debates. They are blaming each other and pretending themselves to be a signature of honesty and social services. Though the reality is different. Still we haven’t been able to implement restrictions on politicians. The proofs are as follows:
*     Supreme court has dropped several times in last few years to protect common man’s right.
*     Election Commission had revived their autonomy to some extent during the period of Mr. T N Seshan but a long way to go.
*     BCCI, better to say, political community irrespective of political banner and colour is struggling in the Supreme court to accumulate milk and honey.
*     RTI related to political party’s income through donation is in dark.
*     The ugliest part is the conflict of interest. The salary and perks of a member of parliament and central ministers are decided by parliamentarians only. The ridiculous logic is placed for all these.
With all these negatives still we have some positive sign. And the signs are as follows:
*     Girl Child Education percentage has increased irrespective of religion.
*     SHG (Self help group) programme sponsored by world bank and run by central government in villages are gradually getting success. Indian Women in villages more and more participating in this project. They have realised, women liberalisation is possible only through education and financial freedom.
The attitude of middle class have changed. They have become more aggressive than submissive. This is a positive sign to explore an educated class. They are the strength. They are the future.
Now we would like to end up with three old school thoughts. These are the subtle reflections of decentralization. With these three qualities below-mentioned we can do a magic. But before that we need to understand the philosophy
*   Dedication
*   Devotion
*   Decisiveness


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