An Open Letter To My Film Fraternity Friends

For the last few days I had tried several times to crack a job, but failed to take entry to any Production House as well as Post Houses. I had been able to enter one Advertising Agency but somehow it didn''t work. Later on I tried to contact my several editor friends, but failed. Reason is not known to me.

In this tenure I had helped several persons but they didn't even able to recall my name. Strange!! I wouldn't like to take the name, because this might hamper that Production Houses reputation for not having the habit of paying money for work except thanks.

During my tenure at YRF I had learnt lot of technicalities, but the fundamental of Visual Aesthetic classes that I had learnt at WINGARD, has helped me to understand all those much better. These fundamentals always help people to find out problem and it's solution.

Several Data Manager and Camera Attendant and even from light team have requested if they can learn all these technicalities. So I have decided to upgrade them so that they can pull out Data Manager's (DIT) job as well and communicate with DOP's in a better way.

To do this I need a place so if anyone agrees to provide would be a great help.

Other than that if anyone offers to handle any project independently for supervising post I can takeover.

And if anyone is having any other proposal can drop in to my place. Else I would like to start my own venture to sustain my small family.


Debashish Bhattacharya



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