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In a Film Making process storytelling and contents are one of the key factors. It is true, but there are other aspects as well. Those are controlled by Technicians. Bollywood is ahead in that part only because there exists better technicians. Both Marathi and Bengali Industry have started hiring same people for their movie making process. So they are succeeding. The biggest advantage, they have a huge literature collection and presently they are utilizing those meaningfully. A major part of the success goes to the screenplay writers.

The last movie that I have watched in a theater is "Naam Shabana". The content and storytelling craftsmanship is good, but the production value is not reflecting in need. In this part the YRF as a Producer is way-ahead to rest of the Bollywood Producers, but their drawbacks are inefficient Directors, except one or two.

Regarding "Befikre", the location is in Paris. So you cannot expect the environment of an ethnic India into that movie, though the same Director had directed "DDLJ" in abroad. With time attitude and approach changes. My intention is not highlighting him as the greatest Indian filmmaker, but definitely the most countable one. In this current social-economic scenario where a kiss on the road even have become common in Metro Cities, so you cannot ignore. A Director always try to create a product based on the contemporary world.

When we watch any Hollywood and European movies we enjoy a lot, except a few people. Few days back I was travelling on a local train and had seen a young man watching a Hollywood movie on his mobile phone. With curiosity I too got involved and was amazed by seeing light schemes. Inside a car the DOP had created beautiful light. To create those you need practice and innovation, and high technical skills, especially the sort of LED strobes are available now-a-days. These technical skills are Light, Camera, Color, Art and Cinematic Craftsmanship, Edit, Sound, and many more subtle elements... Few 2017 movie Links: European Movie, Hollywood Movie, Christopher Nolan Movie

Keeping the name Christopher Nolan separately because he is different from both these two Industry. He himself is an Industry.

A Cinema's success doesn't count by its monitory collection. In "Byomkesh Bakshi" the DOP was European and Art Direction was very good, though his directorial ability and screenplay was not satisfactory. So the movie didn't work. The acting skill of Byomkesh was not at all up-to-the mark, though his friend was beyond my expectation. At the same time in "M.S. Dhoni" the same Byomkesh performed successfully. Credit goes to the Director & Screenplay. In "Fan" lack of seriousness in Visual Effects reflecting in the approach. To create these kind of Visual Effects you need more time and shouldn't release till you are happy with the output. Sorry, though being a part of the team I am forced to say this. There is another movie "Bewakoofiyaan" poor script, poor presentation. But the worst part poor camera work because of flat lighting and composition. All of them are my friends, but please forgive for being straight. The same actress performed well in "Neerja", credit goes to Screenplay and Direction.  Ignoring Editor because it is a thankless job in Indian Industry.

Few day's back I had got a chance to sit on a grading suite and watching one of my junior AD's work. The sort of labour a colorist had to put in that movie to look good shows inefficiency of the DOP. At the same time I had seen well-educated DOP's work with an experienced Director. The Colorist was simply playing with light & shadow to create a balance shot by shot. The ultimate result is less time in the post.

I am not willing to pass a single comment on VFX as we don't understand what visual effects are!! The day we will be able to produce a single movie like Frozen, Up, or Jungle Book we could discuss about that. Please don't talk about budget, it needs patience and perfection, not perforation. Sharing a YouTube link of 2017 animation movie:

At last I would like to share a real life story. We were watching "Bol Bachchan" at Cinemax, Mira Road. My wife forced me to enter into the theater. She was attracted because of the theme song and our all time favourite Mr. Amitabh Bachchan Sir. It was a slapstick comedy movie. The most successful contemporary director in that genre is Mr. Rohit Shetty. After half an hour she said, "Wish I could throw my kitchen utensils into the Projector". In 2017, a same genre movie link: Golmaal Return

A Special Note: In my earlier younger days I had heard about 180 degree lens cameras. Now I have seen 360 degree lens cameras. Watched AstroVision in a Dome several times, and engrossed and amazed. When I see the use of 360 degree lens cameras in Film promotions, I just smile and accept our ignorance. A month or two back I had visited Nehru Planetarium with my Son. Experienced the application of 180 degree lens again. I think Mumbai is one of the best place to create several AstroVision Projects. The successful application of 180 degree and 360 degree lens. But to create that you need above average intelligence Directorial ability. Christopher Nolan (Fiction) is one of them. In India I know one person, but not willing to take his name. Guess it.

*** This is not any data-copy specialization job.
*** I haven't counted Director Hrishikesh Mukherjee as we should learn Comedy from him.


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