Boutique Studio Vs. Biggies ...

For the last few days I have visited several film post houses, and for the last 9 years I was a part of one of the India's biggest post facility.
Still my inclination toward Boutique studios are always soft. The reason is completely different. An Independent film maker faces lot of trouble to create a film because of budget constraints. For him Boutique Studios are always beneficial as he can share his difficulties like sharing personal thoughts with his friends. But a prior condition applies - the vibe of the studio should be positive, neat & clean.
In these Boutique Studios you can create advertisement, short film, low-budget movies, documentaries etc. There should not have any issue.
For being a part of a bigger facility for 9 years, probably the largest one in India, I can share my experience. A big budget project is associated with lot of complexities, which cannot be resolved except a bigger facility and management. Primary factors are finance and financial institutions. The other factors are dealing with big shots. And the ultimate part - the experience and quality of people that you can have in a bigger setup is rarely possible through a Boutique Studio. So the output will maintain a definite standard, and technical specifications will always be correct. But the biggest constraint in a corporate setup is inherent politics between different divisions and teams, which restricts the output.
In every aspects a bigger facility try to maintain quality on equipment and people. The size of the floors are not small and shabby. The people understand what they are doing, even sometime better than their associates.
The understanding of Technology and Creativity helps them to start their own boutique studio. One of the reason is simple, these bigger studios provide more perks and pay cheques to the Managers than technicians. Though in a bigger Film Production Facility the understanding of film making that a Manager have almost zero.
With time a Director gets attached with his co-technicians, in a better way friends. And they decide to form a team so that they can provide maximum effort and result in every aspect. This togetherness helps to create a better project because of the bondage between them. This is the reason of Boutique Studios.

Special Note: I have dealt with most of the celebrity Music Directors of India for the last several years in a facility, and I have found them simple, grounded, and easy to handle; way ahead to few Film Director’s of that facility.


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