Two Beautiful Low-Budget Movie - Rukh & Qarib Qarib Single


Released on 27th October

After a long span of time watched a nice trailer of Film - Rukh.  Throughout the trailer the narrative is engaging, and holding the soul.  The visuals are appealing because of light & gradation, which is enhancing the depth of the visual.  This time Drishyam Picture has changed their attitude.  Reason is none other than the flavor of visual.  Thanks to the Director Ayan Mukherjee, the DOP, and the Team Rukh for this turnaround.
Sound Design is nice.  The Song - Khul Ja Na Khidki is heart touching.
I have always been a fan of storytelling and screenplay, which is always good for all of this production houses endeavor.  This time the added part in Drishyam Picture's venture, they have maintained a standard while delivering their final packaging.
In a low-budget movie, narrative and visualization skills are lifesaver along with Editing.  For an Editor good visual thrills him/her to create it more beautiful.  This is the importance of a DOP & an Art Direction Team for any successful project.  The post production team too gets inspired if they are associated to a nice project.

Releasing on 10th November.

This is a Tanuja Chadra Film.  Her first noticeable directorial venture was completely a different genre - Sangharsh, and the Second one was most appealing - Sur.  The musical film.
After watching this trailer my realization in a nutshell - with age we gradually learn to explore humor.  The age is a critical point for any Filmmaker to learn rollover of her emotion and philosophy.  This change over of the Director has attached me more than Sangharsh.
A friend of mine Pritam Das is attached to this movie as Sound Designer.  The work of the DOP is engaging, specially magnification and vantage point.  Expecting a nice out & out humorous storytelling and presentation.
The performace of Irfan Khan & Parvathy are truly fulfilling the need of the viewer.  No overacting.

Thank you Qarib Qarib Single Team.

Special Note:  Not getting into the technical detail currently.


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