Toilet Ek Prem Katha, Trailer Review



Today I will be discussing about a low-budget movie "Tiolet Ek Prem Katha" Trailer. 

 As this is a low-budget movie definitely it has finance constraints!!  So I believe this should not have aesthetically appealing images.  Though this is the harsh reality of rural India, where it looks visually appealing from a certain distance i.e. it seems to be nice in long shot.  Close and Extreme Close shots are probably the need of the situation.  Lot of Day to Night shots seems to be there, if not then "Team Toilet" please forgive me because it lookss like that.  So not willing to share stills.  For these kind of movies VFX means roto, cleaning, wire removal etc., which is not my subject of concern.

A special thanks to the Writer GARIMA & SIDDHARTH for their well-narrated storytelling.  And the Editor for saving the Promo.  This is how an Editor saves the game.

Now sharing a story ...

A kid is playing with his toy train inside a cabin where his father sits.  He doesn't have a clue what is the meaning of office and cabin.  So he is engaged himself at that cabin.  It is a film post production house.  A Director arrives suddenly for a meeting and breaks his toy without even uttering a single "Sorry", because he seems to be a violent personality.  Finishes his meeting with a concerned person.  After finishing the meeting picks up a pack of chocolate and goes away without sharing a single one with that kid.  He is able to scatter the toy because of his father's absence. When his father enters he notices the scattered toys and the crying face of his Son.

Note:  Garima & Siddharth please write at least a short film out of it.   Then I can take the name of that Director.  He doesn't have any conscience.  An Idiot.  Don't you want to present him like that??  Adding some spice on it - the kid doesn't have mother.  He does have only father.


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