Mungesa, an Iranian Short Film

Today I will be discussing about an Iranian Short Film.  Length is less than 5 min.  This film doesn't have a single dialogue but the meaning is clear to all.  The power of visual storytelling and associated sound.

The movie started with a time-lapse shot.  Just before the next shot the motion of cloud and movement in the garments have increased,  So that it can match with the next shot.  The next shot is an young man sleeping on the sofa has reflections and shadows, but not needed any cleaning work on VFX.  The shadows have created depth.  This DOP have used lot of over illuminated place, but still haven't lost the balance, I mean the lines and outlines are clear.  Even the DOP has been able to hold the skin tone and texture.  He has created shadows to indicate the space.  The time is declared through his activity and light.  He has crossed well-lit space to dark and then again back to the overly lit space.  The other key factors are magnification and vantage point. 

The fundamental of light is to increase pace of mind and darkness to decrease the pace.  In one shot he has used an electric blue pot, which he has used to change the pace in the end.  The property of color Blue.

The shot of the boy was taken on a well-lit background.  They had chosen that space to define the joy and happiness in the end.  In this whole visual narrative a single focus and de-focus in the camera work have changed the story line.  The music and sound effects associated have helped to enhance the visual.  And the beauty of normal lens.  No jugglery.  No pretension.  No lens change.

Hopefully, common man will understand someday film making is not only storytelling.  There are other factors too, which work unknowingly.

I know people are making fun and pretending to make me famous.  Still I am doing all these only to make some Idiots happy.



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