Padmavati Trailer


Today in the morning I have watched Padmavati Trailer.  Probably, the best historical Visual Effects based Cinema in Indian film history.  Sorry, writing this without watching the complete movie.  The outstanding work of the DOP has moved me, and trying to explain visual aesthetics.

In this image above, light-tone-texture is depicting annoyance in Padmavati,  The vertical and diagonal lights falling on her, and the low-angle camera, the slightly tilted head of Padmavati along with outlines formed in background has helped to support the visual.

Pic 2

In this image 2, Padmavati and the King where Padmavati's head straight and King's head slightly tilted.  This defines the fire and fighting spirit of Padmavati, which she is engendering into the King.  Both of them are acting only through their eyes.  Hats off to the Director and DOP for this shot.

Pic 3

In this image 3 Padmavati is standing on the back.  Light fall on her face is more compared to the King.  There are patches on King's face to depict his tension.  And the light fall on Padmavati's face showing anxiety.  The most interesting part is the background.  The tilted background is helping to enhance the complexity of that time.  Even the textures are supporting.  The low-angle shot is empowering their larger than life moment.

Now coming to the overall part.  The sound design is fantastic.  Ranveer Singh is as usually superb, except few exaggerated facial expression, which probably because of the Director.  The overall tone of the picture has attracted me.  The best part is VFX and the Fire in every shots are looking real, which was absent in this Director's previous movie during fight sequence.  Credit goes to NY VFXWAALA.  The production design, the edit, color grading specially the tone of the trailer.  The fight scenes are repetitive like Hollywood projects, though looking good.  The fascinating part for me the use of Wide Angle Lens.  

A big clap to the Team Padmavati.

Few more images from the trailer ...



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