This is another low-budget film, produced by SAREGAMA.  Director Devashish Makhija.  Storyline is based on today's social degradation, which has become common to all of us.  In every field we have degraded due to lack of truthfulness, but still there is some light that glimpses piercing the darkness.  This light is much more needed to the society.

The work of the DOP is good.  Makeup artiste needs to take care to create things believable.  Night shots are well portrayed.  The Edit is narrating the fact.
The performance of the Grandmother is amazing.  These character artists are the assets of any team.  In the end the Song: Nani Teri Morni is basically a children rhyme.  The Director have used this intelligently, but still it is a rhyme.  Please think twice before putting these kind of children rhymes into any serious negative subject.  The duality of the meaning is hurting.  Please don't be wrathful to the society.  This society has lot of good things as well.

A message to my old Director friend, Mr. Siddharth Anand, who is Vice President of SAREGAMA currently, please do something for Indian Market.  Indian viewers are not adaptive to these subjects, though it is going to recover money from abroad for sure.

The best shot to me of this trailer : The reason is based on the movement of the subject.  Any anti-clockwise movement gives a sense of negativity, and no other movement could have been more suitable for this negative character.  Thank you Director and DOP.


Like all Sanjay Leela Bhansali Film songs, this too is appealing because of its folk tune.  To me the second best part is visual.  In a big zone, performance of several artists and maintaining the rhythm appreciable.  Credit goes to the choreography team.  Managing light schemes and shooting flawlessly is admirable.  Credit goes to Sudeep Da.

The subtle part you might notice in this song, not a single stay in Camera.  He has chosen to move the camera based on the rhythm of the song, and has chosen magnification based on the voice of the song.  This synchronization is a vital part while choosing vantage point.  Failing to choose these two can lead to something is missing.

The set (probably) is nice along with open sky.  The shadows of the dancers and Padmavati depicts the time as noon, and if it is a closed space then time recognition is not possible.  

Through another still image I am showing the excellence of the DOP while creating light scheme.  He tries to maintain every possible single minute details through light & shadow.  Here is the third one.

If you look at the shadow of the Shahid Kapoor, there is a shadow just on the back of him.  If this is not a VFX shot credit goes to him, else to VFX team.

The Art Team has worked fabulously to achieve perfection.  Thanks to the Art Team.  And the edit has become easy because of appropriate shots.  

The performance of Deepika Padukone is enthralling since long back, especially since PIKU.  This time she is more poised, more elegant, more beautiful.
Sharing another image, which I like most in this song.  


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