Love You Zindagi Song Review

This song starts with a new set of words - Blackmail your present ...
Nice one.

I haven't seen the movie, but have been through the promos and songs several times.  This song specially holds attention due to its lyric, composition, and overall flavour.  These overall flavours are use of instruments along with visual presentation.  In a short note a unique perfect blend of music, lyric, and visual.  The true success of any Film Song.

Two aspects are there in any visual - Information and Energy.  Trying to explain - A character has two legs, one nose, two eyes etc. these are normal and considered as information.  At the same time what kind of nose, what kind of eyes - small or big, flat or tipped.  These are the effects of that particular person.  Similarly, there are information of properties associated with any visual viz. what kind of jug it is? how does the shape looking? If the sofa cover is revealing the feeling of the shot? What should be the texture of the sofa cover? These are the effect generating thoughts of any directorial ability.  And in this song, all these are beautifully balanced and revealed.

During digital days we have been through a different visual aesthetic, I mean an added white layer in the visual.  (The CMOS sensor developer is the right person to explain this.  He too has directed a Hindi Cinema.)  This is fine till it is able to hold the detail viz. line-outline-texture-tone.  In the first frame (I have used for this write up) the associated properties beautifully fits with both of the characters.  Credit goes to the Art Direction Team.

 The image of Sharukh Khan with a soft beard and a set of books on the background manifesting the intellect, education, and sophistication of the character.  Even the lights are helping to establish the softness in the ambiance.  In this song, the Director has tried to create the softness in every department and successfully presented.

In the shot where Alia is walking and the joy of life is breathed in through the ambiance, every nook and corner of the frame.  The light and shadow has contrived the happiness

 Most lovable shots of this song.  Loving relationship between two cute ones.  The energy is too vibrant and positive.

And King Khan is always a perfect match as a teacher.  I believe he is a good teacher in real life as well due to his life exposure like Mr. Amitabh Bachchan Sir.

The success of a Director depends on choosing right people, right elements, and right everything.  To do this she/he needs to be honest to herself/himself.  And the success of Director Gauri Shinde fits perfectly for her ventures from "English Vinglish to Dear Zindagi".  Wish her all the best.

As I love rain ending with this beautiful image.  While using "rain machine" we should consider associated thickness of rain water and created light & shadows in the visual. 


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