Tiger Zinda Hai Trailer Review


No repeat and return to ...
The most important advice in cinematic world.  It is true to real life.  The success of any sequel depends on a particular factor if and only if the subject can overpower the previous one.  This time the subject might have crossed the previous one but lot of variations in the trailer have lost the soul.  The reason is nothing but the story has begun with an incident of 25 nurses, and after that the trailer has tried to put more importance on IS and Action and Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif.  
The use of Salman Khan is understandable, but lot of inter-cuts and unnecessary still frames have downgraded the focus.  The fight of the Nurses along with Salman Khan could have been more catchy in the trailer, which we could see in the movie.
Now coming to the Sound design...
Dilip Ji, Julious and Ganesh -  Sultan Trailer was better than this.  Please listen once again.

Action Scenes - Better than the previous one.  The change in Action Director might be the reason.

Visual - I am not saying great but okay.  Camera movement is always good, but unwanted and jerky moves in the Edit is worthless (Promo Editor, this is for you).

Production and definitely AD team has put immense effort to shoot on time.  Thank you both of them.

Not willing to pass any comment on VFX, because not the right time to pass any comment on it.  After all they are my ex-colleagues work under time boundation.

A message to the Director - At times holding the pace in reel and real life works better.  Wish you all the best and your Team Effort. 

And a request, please try to keep a painting shot of Salman Khan Bhai for his Fans.  Let them know he is a painter too.


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