My Birthday Gift

I have been visiting doctors since long back as my parents were a part of healthcare system. I have seen how many gifts are given by medical companies. And how much irregularities they do in their professional life.

Sharing my experiences: In 2012-13 I was a victim due to my wife's critical illness and now I have been suffering due to son's illnesses. To protect this I have mediclaim of Religare, but still I have paid fees for blood checkups. I went to their pathological division, which was rush free, but the telecaller said it is not possible due to internal process. Though the division didn't have any issue for free checkup today.

During my wife's demisal Vakti Vedanta, Mira Rd. Showed Gita and Cow. God knows what else I have to see this time for my son. Now I am not willing to visit any spiritual organisation linked hospital. So visiting another expensive hospital, though the Doctor is a follower of another spiritual personality.

So, the moral of the fact whether you have mediclaim or not these medical treatment system is going to snatch cash from people if that person decides to follow the rules and ethics of a civilized society.

On the contrary my son and I have received free coffee and biscuits, and the behaviour of the branch was really nice and polite.


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