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Since childhood I am playing and observing Cricket vigilently. So have felt to share few thoughts as the way I have interpreted few facts. There was an era in Cricketing History where individual domain did work better than team. And now this has reversed. I have seen Gavaskar or Sachin fighting against Pakistan singlehandedly in test cricket. Today's kids and most cricketing followers are not aware of it. Could we call this as transformation from Individual to Team game?

At times before AB Australia was in a bad shape. It was Allan Border who had brought the concept of Team Australia, transformed average team to a leading team Australia through science, logic, motivation and passion.  During the time of Allan Border Team Australia was formed, and started enjoying success. The baton then passed on to Taylor and in succession to Steve Wagh, whom Border pointed as the future of Team Australia.

The same did happen in Indian Cricket. Team India formed by a trio Dada, Sachin, and Dravid. They worked hard and motivated the team to change the future of Indian Cricket, and Mr. Jagmon Dalmia was the mentor. Their spirit engendered the energy level of Team India, where Dada worked as the leader and Sachin played the role as an anchor through his genioucity. Dravid was the silent perfectionist through his dedication and attitude. This is what the beginning of Team India, formed by 3 genius. Sorry I am not mentioning the name of Lakshman because of his inconsistency and putting the fourth name of Anil Kumble for his intelligence and consistent performance. It was that time when Vajji, Yuvi, Dhoni, Irfan, and so many players were discovered.

With time the leadership transferred on to Dhoni and he nurtured the baby Team India to a different strata. The team India brought back the habit of winning. Next, the team chose Virat Kohli as future leader of Team India with Dhoni's support. Through his quality he changed the spirit of Team India to an unstoppable level. Results are known to all. This is transformation of spirit. This is morphogenesis and the impact of collective intelligence!

Seeing this current series against Sri Lanka we could consider without Virat Kohli India would win the race. Here Dhoni was playing as an anchor in this series. But sorry to say leaving team India and getting married could have been a blunder for team India. At that time we Indians could have said- "Virat Kohli Hai Hai."

Now we could say the leadership baton is gradually transferring to Rohit Sharma. His performance and leading from the front is quite admirable. Thank you Rohit Sharma!

The downgrade had started in Team Australia after Steve Waugh. But in case of India it seemed "No".

Till this everything was fine and following the law, and Team India seemed to have reached its peak but Rohit Sharma's performance as a leader proved Team India would proceed further, provided they concentrate on Cricket more instead of glamour and socializing. The single minded focus can  win the next World Cup Cricket, else not. So a plea to Team India not to highlight your love and social life for cheap publicity and advertising proliferation. Those have come through cricket and will proliferate more if they think of the game Cricket. So please do the needful or get ready to listen from Indians "Virat Kohli Hai Hai".

BCCI is a private entity though we Indians consider this as Team India. This is the best emotional arena of Indians who has erased the barrier between Private and Public body!!

Wish you all a happy and prosperous 2018, and successful South Africa tour. Hopefully " Virushka" lovers will be enjoying a lot with their screen presence.


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