My meeting with YRF Studios VP

Today I am again forced to mention few things about Yashraj Films and their sister concern YRF. Studios.


I had been associated to YRF Studios till 2017 March. And I quit because of a conflict between Him and me. Also with Yashraj Films Executive Producer Aashish Singh. The reasons are as follows:

1. Mr. Akshaye Widhani, who is in relation with Mr. Rana Kapoor of Yes Bank, had maintained a bank account in the name of YRF Television till 2017 March. Though YRF Television was stopped on 2011.

2. Mr. Akshaye Widhani with the help of his subordinate Mr. Santosh Gaikoad sends bribe to BMC Officers to maintain the irregularities he is doing at the basement. The place is filled with inflammable properties and they have created immovable structures over there.

3. During the time of Befikre they bought 30 hard drives, costing around 8 lacs, but not even bothered to pay duty for that. The drives were carried by Mr. Neil Sadwelkar. Mr. Akshaye Widhani's PA does all sort of PDF forgery to avoid duty several times in a year.

4. There is a YRF Talent Account in Axis Bank, Veera Desai Branch, which should be checked. This division too is headed by Mr. Akshaye Widhani. During the time of Notebandi they did all sort of manipulations through their Vendors like Mr. Neil Sadwelkar.

5. Even Akshaye hides payment by breaking big fat salaries through cheques in others name.

Mr. Devendra Fadnabis, I know your wife is having good relationship with one of the Sound Engineer Mr. Vijay Dayal at YRF Studios. I am also aware that your WIFE had paid in cash 80 numbers of 500 notes during Notebandi. This is how relationships are maintained. Please do not count that while taking decisions.

I had withdrawn this blog when he pleaded me because this is hampering Mr. Aditya Chopra, and Late Yash Chopra's image. After silence of 144 hours I am flashing the subject of our meeting.

First Letter

Dear Akshaye & Aashish,

Please read this matter carefully...

First of all thank you Akshaye for listening my words attentively. Now coming directly to the point.

I am claiming a money for all Yashraj Films Movie post Dhoom 3. This is for handling post facility Data management services and all related VFX & DI dealing charges.

I had to even handle Y-Films several other things, which I am not considering because they did the edit at the 4th floor, Audio Wing.

In my view the charges should be 4 lac/film. I have standardized this rate because there were bigger films as well like Fan and Sultan, which was VFX heavy.

Now you please take the call about this rate.

Hoping for a prompt and positive response. Also would like to wish both of you in all your endeavours.


Debashish Bhattacharya


Second Letter

Dear Aashish & Akshaye,

Please read this...

This is one of the reason to quit YRF, which I am mailing after a discussion with Akshaye.

1. I have been blogging since 2010, and in my blogs all sort of personal and imaginative information's are there. The writer of MPB had gathered all information and had chosen locations in Kolkata accordingly. I had asked the writer's information but everything went in vein.

2. Their one location match can be called as chance factor, but matching of series of incidences cannot be considered as chance factor.

3. Promo Editor Mohit had used few shots, which resemble to my Dad's home and the bare roof of the nearby Super Market. I had lot of still images on the Mac that I used to keep inside my office, and I think those were taken through Wi-Fi network by IT team. Only my network was connected to the corporate building.

4. Producer Mr. Maneesh Sharma and Director of MPB had stolen the content by neatly followed my blog and deformed content to avoid conflict, only failed to hide locations.

5. Even the worst part is this, in my absence someone sat on my system and wrapped up a script in a wrong way due to his ignorance in current advance researches by global scientists.

My system was only accessible to Mr. Neil Sadwelkar. So he should be able to tell the name of that person. Though this is not connected to MPB, but mentioning this to disclose his character.


Debashish Bhattacharya


Note: Your positive and quick response is expected. To me quick means one day maximum for both the mails.


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