An open letter to CBFC Chairman & Mr. Prime Minister

In my last write up I had written on a movie and this time I am writing a letter based on another distorted life of a blogger. Name of the movie is " Mere Pyere Bindu"

I have been blogging since 2010 and it is based on my life and imagination. The producer had followed my blog carefully and chosen locations accordingly in Kolkata. Even they had chosen in their promo few locations in such a way so that it resemblance to my father's home based in Kharagpur.

The story that they have narrated is a deformation of facts of my life and privacy of a common man. Do you think these sort of things should be allowed?

I have resigned from the company and after that so many calls were made to put me into mental agony. Through these me and my six year old Son's life had gone hayware and we are at the point of leaving the City in a pennyless condition.

Please let me know how to protect a blogger's copyright and stealing information, distorting facts, and making money to pretend big?


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